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Tachinomi Standing Japanese Sake Bar.

I was thinking to write about Japanese food recipe at first, 

but I just felt it might be boring only introducing Japanese food recipe. 

I would like to introduce how to enjoy Japanese food at the same time.



The other day, my friend and I went Stylish Japanese Sake Standing Bar (Tachinomi).
Traditionally, Tachinomi place is very small and quick served food and drink restaurant. No seats prepared and stand up eating in the bar. Tachinomi bar usually find out near train stations.



This time, we went quick drink Japanese Sake standing bar.
Japanese sake taste is smooth and mellow, but it has high alchole content percentage.

I usually drunk quickly when I drink Japanese sake.
The alchole content Japanese sake is 15 - 16%, beer contains 4.5 -5.5%, White wine contains 7 - 14%, and Red wine contains 11% - 15%


This place served Sake with wine glass!!! This style is new style and very stylish!
Plus great atmosphere .

When the Sake was served in wine glass, the mild sake flavor float in front of me and enjoy the smell before start drinking. 

Have you ever heard Yawaragi-mizu (chaser water) for Sake?
I enjoy sake with Yawaragi-mizu.
This water make my mouth clean and fresh, and moreover this water prevent from making me drunk quickly.

The below site, sake times explains well the reason we should take Yawaragi-mizu (chaser water).

I am getting older and start enjoying Sake taste. 🍶